DBS works with farmers to grow organically by incorporating sustainable methods using regenerative practices. If you are trying to convert from chemical nutrient and/or pest management practices or have been running an organic farm for many years, we can help you meet your goals.

DBS will not give recommendations for chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides. We want to help all farmers tread lightly on the land, while maintaining their business.

Our agricultural services add value to your crop, whether you are growing clean food and medicine, becoming environmentally compliant, or getting certified for best management practices. We are here to assist you through the process, step by step, so you have a framework to work with to meet your goals.

Find out what tools you need to help you grow sustainably and put our team of environmental scientists to work for you!



Site Visits

Farm Planning, Site Assessment, Feasibility Study

Fertility Management

Fertilizer Management & Nutrient Tracking for optimal yield

Scientific Sampling

“Your Results Are Only As Good As Your Sample.”

Wetland Delineations

Federal Clean Water Act Adherence

Product Development

Soil Blends

Quality Control Monitoring

Maintain Consistency

Special Projects

Site Contamination, Court Testimony

“Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our opinion of the services at Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis. We, at Royal Gold, have had experience with several of the best soil labs in the country in our continued quest to deliver the best soil and soilless mixes on the market. Prior to the opening of Dirty Business, there were no properly equipped and staffed soil consulting services available in our area.

“The “Soil Divas” have brought impeccable quality analysis and customer service that is beyond reproach to the vast and varied gardening communities of Humboldt county and the surrounding areas. They provide advice and expertise, (of extreme value to all gardeners, hobby, professional, and everywhere in between) previously only available in this area via mail order and phone consultation.”


“Dirty Business Soil and Consulting and Analysis is always our first choice for timely, precise, and local, soil analysis services and advice. As well as, our first recommendation for gardeners looking to better understand their soil and amendment practices. Thank You Soil Divas!”
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