Get soil, water and plant tissue testing results to dial in your crop. Know how to read your report? Cut the costs of a consultation and just pay for the lab testing. We’ll give you the raw data and let you set your own game plan. From pH to nutrient levels, get the basic numbers that you need to keep your garden growing strong. Need to identify pests and disease? You’ve come to the right place, we can help!

Services Offered

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Soil Testing

Check in with your soil! Save money and time by taking the guesswork out of amending. We’ll provide you with your soils pH, electrical conductivity, organic matter, and your macro and micro nutrient levels and ranges. We offer an array of other test options including but not limited to; salinity levels, deeper extraction processes to compare soluble vs. total plant available nutrient levels and application rates. Want to know the details of these tests? Check out the Soil Test section of our Shop, or our What Does It All Mean? resource section.

Water Testing

Need basic information on your water hardness? Or would you like to check in with your pH and nutrient levels? We can help. Check out our Water Test section of our Shop.

Plant Tissue Testing

Our complete tissue test gives you everything you need to understand what nutrients your plant is receiving and retaining. Check out our Tissue Test section of our Shop.


Want to know what’s killing your crop? Get science on your side! If it’s fungal, bacterial or viral, we’ll have an answer for you! Get expert advice on how to handle the infection to increase yields and stop aggressors in their tracks. Check out our Pathology Services in our Shop.

Pest Identification

Pests got you down? Our scientists can help! Find out who is munching on your crop and how to holistically treat the perpetrators to avoid further crop loss. Check out our Pest Identification Service in our Shop.

Beneficial Biology

The key to a healthy crop is having a happy balance in your soil. Find out your total vs. active bacteria and fungi, along with your helpful nematodes and protozoans to keep your plants thriving and keep sickness away! Check our Beneficial Biological Panel in our Shop.