Increase yields, save the environment, and protect yourself from pests and disease with crop management plans from Dirty Business Soil. We help make sure that you’re prepared for every eventuality by managing the science so you can focus on being a farmer.

Services Offered

IPM for Cultivation Plan –  REQUIRED for State Licensing

  • Call to inquire 707-633-8885


We can help you reuse and rebuild your soil. Use crop science to develop a custom nutrient blend tailor-made for your farm.  Find out more here:


  • Custom application rates
  • Recipe Blending
    • Get easy to understand application rates. We take the guess work out of amending.
  • Farmer Direct Program

Integrated Pest Management Plan – Avoid Pesticides and Crop Loss

  • Don’t know what’s infecting your plants? Let us narrow the playing field by identifying any pests within 72 hours. Worried about bacterial or viral contamination?  Get an Integrated Pest Management Plan.
  • Prevention techniques
    • Monitoring and microscope training
    • Companion Planting
    • Biologicals
  • Curative techniques
  • Beneficial insect seasonal schedule – GROW CLEAN!

Compost Tea Plan – Get your soil biology in check

  • Start with an Advanced Biological Panel 
  • Compost Tea Plan to avoid getting pests and disease
    • Custom recipe for enhanced biological diversity
    • Tea set-up customized to your specs
    • Microscope training to determine if your tea is good and when it’s ready
    • On-site training – learn about the proper ways to brew high-quality compost tea. Bad teas can introduce disease. Call us to book an onsite Compost Tea workshop.