Dirty Business Soil Solves Problems & Saves Time and Money

“My experience with the consultants at DBS has solved many problems I have faced and saved tremendous amounts of time and money. I made the switch from synthetic salt based fertilizers to organic bulk amendments painlessly with no noticeable change in production. My old way of guessing and ‘throwing the kitchen sink at em’ was costly and often ineffective. Having a specific ingredient list that could then be premixed by Humboldt Ag Supply not only reduced my money spent on fertilizers, it also saved time and money applying and tilling into the soil. To say my NMP reduced my fertilizer bill by over half is easy. To know I wasn’t using piles of plastic jugs that had an unknown effect on the environment was good piece of mind. The lab technicians were also able to identify a ‘fusarium rot and wilt problem’ that was on the way to killing 20% of my crop. We solved it with beneficial microbiology, just in time. The girls have given me triple value, good for the environment, good for my wallet, and good for my piece of mind. The future of farming requires technical solutions with economic savings. DBS did that for me. They, along with Humboldt Ag Supply, also offer members of the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild discounts.”

~ Stephen Dillon, Executive Manager – Humboldt Sun Growers Guild/True Humboldt

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